Nix specializes in comic books and zines inspired and informed by garage rock, punk zines, B-movies and record store culture.

Titles include:

Nix Comics Quarterly
Thee Rock n Roll Horror Anthology!  Modeled after pre-code horror and humor comics of the 50s, but with a modern garage punk spin, each issue of Nix Comics Quarterly has 6-8 short stories. Recurring characters include the mysterious Vicar, a rocker who dresses as a priest and slays the monsters he finds hiding in the seamy bars and dives he plays, and Bus Stop Ned, whose dialog is all taken directly from real life experiences on public transit.

Nix Western Comics

Inspired by spaghetti westerns and their soundtracks, each issue of Nix Western Comics is a dark look at American culture viewed through the lens of a western motif.  Each issue features stories about the seemingly stalwart Sheriff Earl Vance and sociopathic gunslinger, Johnny Skell.

Do You Remember Rock N Roll Record Stores?
A biographical comic by Bela Koe Krompecher about his days working for Columbus's Use Kids records and the day he met the Ramones!  Adapted from Bela's blog.

Jim Shepard: Negotiate Nothing
Follow up to "Do you Remember Rock N Roll Record Stores?", Jim Shepard: Negotiate Nothing is a comic-zine about Bela Koe Krompecher's relationship with the cult favorite musician; his friend and personal hero. Also adapted from Bela's blog.

Jenny Mae 'n Jerry Wick
The final installment of comics adapted from Bela's writing about lost friends in the Columbus music community.  A Deluxe  Comic and Record set is available which includes a never before released Jenny Mae song and a previously CD only track by Gaunt's Jerry Wick. 

Nix Comics for Kids
Stories about young Boy Howdie and his doofy hipster parents.

Pocket book Reprints:

Out of print rock n roll themed comics brought back to the market by Nix! Mark Rudolph's Closing Doors is a fictional account of a local record store following on tough times due to the changes in retail culture.   Pure Entertainment #1 reprints Look Mom, comics! 1983 rock music themed anthology.  Includes stories and art by Pete Friedrich, Mort Todd, Bob Camp

Belligerent Kitties
A truly stupid and vile mini comic featuring pictures of cute kitties spewing venomous blurbs at the reader

Buck Slaughter's Book of Rock N Roll Facts
Loosely based on author Ken Eppstein's experience as a record store proprietor and "words of wisdom" he used to spew to his limited clientele.

Tales From the Crate
What happens when Ken Eppstein hits a record sale with a fifty buck budget?  Find out  in each issue of Tales from the Crate!

Index of Contributors:

Tim Anstine (BK)
EJ Barnes (NCQ 3)
Andy Bennett (NCQ 4, 9, DYR, JS, JMJW, RBK)
Eric Blair (BK)
JB Bonivert (PE)
Ryan Brinkerhoff (NCQ 1-2-4)
Pat Broderick (NCQ 6)
Rick Brooks (NWC 4)
Bob Camp (PE)
Morgan Carmichael (NCQ 4)
Eric Cartier (PE)
Bob Corby (BK, RBK)
Bernie Crowsheet (BK)
Rachel Autumn Deering (NCQ 3-4)
Taylor Esposito (NCQ 8)
Gene Fama Jr. (PE)
Michael Fontanelli (PE)
Eric French (NCQ 7)
Pete Friedrich (PE)
Rodney Fyke (BK, RBK)
Jamie Gambell (NCQ 6, RBK)
Dustin Goebel (NCQ 2)
Kent Grosswiler (NCQ 6, BFID)
Gary Hallgren (PE)
Christian Hoffer (NCQ 7-8-9, BK)
JM Hunter (NCQ 6)
Max Ink (NCQ 3)
Joel Jackson (NCQ 5)
Paul Jeter (RBK)
Rob Jefferson (NCQ 8)
John Jennings (NCQ 8)
Rob W. Jones (BFID) 
Gideon Kendall (NCQ 8-9-10)
Bela Koe Krompecher (DYR, JS, JMJW)
Brian Kraft (NCK 1-3, BK, RBK)
Peter Kuper (PE)
Jess L'Heureux (NCQ 7)
Matt LeJeune (NCQ 10)
Kate E Lore (BK, RBK)
Alli MacGregor (BFID)
Brad Maurer (BK, RBK)
Darren Merinuk (NCQ 1-2, 4-5-6-7)
Matt Miner (NCQ 7-8-9-10)
Tom Mollinelli (PE)
James Moore (NCQ 5, BK)
Michael Neno (NCQ 1-2-3, 4-5-6-7-8-9-10, NWC 3, V, NMC 2)
Angela Oster (BK, RBK)
Glen Ostrander (NCQ 3-4, NWC 3)
Stephanie Owen (BK)
Dave Pickard (NCQ 1, NWC 2)
Dan Piercy (RBK)
Amanda Propaganda (BK)
Pat Redding Scanlon (NCQ 9-10, PE, RBK)
Alan Reeve (BK)
Ashley Ribblett (BK)
Carlos Rivera (RBK)
Donovan Taylor Roth (NCQ 4)
Mark Rudolph (NCQ 3, 6-7-8-9-10, CD)
Dave Simons (PE)
Bob Ray Starker (NCQ 2-3, NWC 1-2-3-4, PB)
Derek Stewart (NCQ 5, 7-8)
Joost Swarte (PE)
Mort Todd (PE)
Jesse Toves (NCQ 6)
Rich Trask (NCQ 1, 5-6, NWC 2)
Liz Valasco (NCQ 10)
Katie Valeska (BK)
Al Voss (PE)
Jude Vigants (NCQ 8)
Tillie Walden (NCQ 8)
Bobby Wildermuth (NCQ 7)
Jen Wrubles (RBK)
Matt Wyatt (NCQ 3-4, BK, RBK, NMC 1)


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Affordable Housing Trust fro Columbus and Franklin County
Bandito design
Elizabeth's Records
Flying Weevil Comics

Jimmy Razor
​Lost Weekend Records
Mix Tape Comics
Mug and Brush Barber Shop
Neighbor's Deli
Micahel Neno's Signifiers
OH70 records
Organ Grinder Productions
Rocker Magazine
The Shazzbots
Small Press and Alternative Comics Expo (SPACE)
Street Fight Radio
Used Kids Records
What The Rock?!

BFID = Beauty Found In Darkness
BK = Belligerent Kitties
BS = Buck Slaughter's Book of Rock N Roll Facts
CD = Closing Doors
DYR = Do You Remember Rock 'n' Roll Record Stores?
JMJW = Jenny Mae 'N' Jerry Wick
JS = Jim Shepherd: Negotiate Nothing
NCK = Nix Comics For Kids
NCQ = Nix Comics Quarterly
NMC= Nix Mini Comix
NWC = Nix Western Comics
PB = Collected Pander Bear
PE = Pure Entertainment
RBK = Return of Belligerent Kitties
TFC = Tales From The Crate
V = The Vicar

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