Top Three Songs About Dated Phone Technology

I try not to be an old stick in the mud. Honestly, I do. But one of the things that I think saddens me is when a song dies a death due to an inability adequately keep up with technology. The songs are the three I hope the most that "Kids Today" will continue to love despite carrying around a tiny phone that is more advanced than a Star Trek Communicator and Tricorder combined. Beechwood 45-789 by the Marvellettes: With the decline of telephone numbers with exchanges based on the nearest home office, this earworm was already sorta dated when it was released in 1962. In fact, just a few years later, Wilson Pickett’s 634-5789 (penned by Eddie Floyd and Steve Cropper) used the exact same l

Nix Comics Influences: John Carpenter

Much like a Ramones T-Shirt used to be a good indicator that some random person is probably cool to talk to on the street, love of John Carpenter movies were one of the things that I came to use as a bar for commonality among potential friends. If they liked John Carpenter, I knew they would share a similar a taste in rapid paced story telling, DIY aesthetic, and dark humor. There was common ground, whether we agreed on which of his movies was at the top of the list and which ones don't quite hit the mark. In honor of today being John Carpenter's Birthday, here are my top five favorites of his movies: 5: Christine: I know that this pick probably doesn't make a lot of "best of" lists, but t

Darren Merinuk's Rockin' Bones #1

Delving back into the strange, mysterious prehistory of Rockin' Bones with this first installment. These two stories were done before I ever thought of doing a whole comic of my own. For years I was stuck in the "drawing in the margins of my high school notebooks" phase of aristic development but about a year before drawing these stories I finally started trying to get my work onto a more professional level, drawing with proper brushes and ink on decent paper at the 10x15" size used by the pro publishers. I was mostly trying to get used to the size and tools and actually producing complete, finished stories at this point, so I tended to indulge my personal interests which, then as now, were

How Do We Save Comic Books?

It’s not even a week into the new year and essays about how bad comic shops had it in 2017 have already been making the rounds, sparking a lot of speculation over what can be done to “save the comics industry.” Actually, I’m not sure how these conversations manage to get to me through my superhero filter, because the speculation is actually a lot more specific. People want to know how the type of comics that are distributed by Diamond comics on a monthly basis are going to survive in the face of declining readership for the tent pole publishers, Marvel and DC Comics. I think where it caught my eye is the number people suggesting that Marvel and DC have each of their individual issues be lon

Top Three Wanda Jackson Songs

Buck Slaughter's Top Three Songs! Welcome to the inaugural "Top Three" list. Every edition will feature the main character of "Buck Slaughter's Book of Rock "N Roll Facts" three favorite songs by a particular artist or within a particular theme. (Watch for Buck's Top Three Songs about explosions!!!) Buck got a copy of Wanda Jackson's new Auto-bio "Every Night Is Saturday Night" for Christmas, so he has the groundbreaking singer on the mind. (You should go grab that book. It's keen!) Certainly it's not easy to pick just three songs from a catalog that spans 50 years and at least three genres (Country, rockabilly and gospel.) Illustration by Ken Eppstein. Text by Buck Slaughter... Who is

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