WIP: Jenny Mae and Jerry Wick

I'm working on putting together what will likely be the last Nix Comic based on Bela Koe Krompecher's eponymous blog. Focusing on his late friends, Jenny Mae and Jerry Wick, the cover will be a collage of actual flyers from shows that Bela and Anyway Records put on here Columbus. Here are some rough scans of those flyers:

My Last Trip To The Comic Store

While it may run counter-expectation to a lot of you, I don’t visit my local comic shop (The Laughing Ogre) a lot. That’s no reflection on the shop as much as a matter of money and time…. Neither of which I have in abundance. Most of the comics I buy for myself come from kickstarter or in wholesale lots that I intend to resale. I do go in every once in a while for bags and boards or other supplies, and when I do I always try to pick up a book or two. Here are the two that I grabbed on my latest trip and what i think of ‘em: Twisted Romance 2 of 4 I had actually meant to make a trip to the Laughing Ogre specifically to pick up issue #1 of this after seeing Katy Skelly tweet about it, but I

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