The (fairly) complete set of my Hand Drawn Picture sleeves

I just added 10 new picture sleeves to my on-going project and figured this was as good a time as any to create a new updated gallery of all of the sleeves to date. Gallery 1: The Latest! Click for Larger version!) Gallery 2: Click for Larger version! Gallery 3: Click for Larger version! Gallery 3: Click for Larger version! Gallery 3: Click for Larger version! Gallery 4: Click for Larger version!

Comix and Rekkid Pairings Vol. 1

There are two reasons I run this mail order site. The first, and most obvious, is that I need dough to keep making Nix Comics and selling similar stuff seems like a good way to do that. The second is a more nebulous idea that there is a link between records and comics as different not-quite parallel mediums for conveying narratives. Sometimes the connecting points are obvious, such as work by artists who are both musicians and cartoonists, and other times more oblique, like finding a similar tone in a genre genre such as horror or romance. Here are some examples of pairings I think you should check out: Rudy Ray Moore: Hully Gully Fever with Afrodisac Take in this pairing as a before

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Yes... I posted This in hopes that you will buy some stuff. 
All sales go towards the costs of publishing Nix Comics, including paying artists!

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