Shop Talk: Breaking Even on Comic Sales

I do a stupid thing: I keep track of a break-even (BE) number for every Nix Comics publication. That’s the number of copies I would have to sell at cover price to recover all of my expenses to date. (I hope it comes to nobody’s surprise that just on straight-up sales, I rarely break even. Fact is, Even with crowdfunding and my mail-order catalog efforts I have only been in the black two years.) Why is it a stupid thing: For one thing, for most of these titles it is probably just not gonna happen. There are a lot of reasons for this, but frankly, it mostly comes down to the cost of art. I have made an effort to pay the artists the most-fair rates I can based on what I think their time and

Thoughts on James Warren: Empire of Monsters by Bill Schelly

James Warren: Empire of Monsters By Bill Schelly Published by Fantagraphics This wonderful book was a birthday present given to me at the end of March. I’m a bit of a slow reader, so it took me awhile to pore through it, and a little while longer wrap my head around it all. The text is written in a way that is both engaging and matter-of-fact, avoiding the typical biographical pitfalls being a too-dry timeline or, on the opposite end, being hyperbolic or sickly nostalgic. Schelly uses both new and old interviews with Warren and the people who helped him create Warren Publishing to great effect, painting portraits of everyone involved with layers of unexpected colors. It’s a book really do

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