The primary goal for the Independent Comic Arts Research Project is to create a public information resource for comic arts advocates, activists, nonprofit organizations and other groups and individuals that seek to solve the social and economical problems facing artists and their community.

I.C.A.R.P. Work To Date:

Finding a Living Wage Page Rate:  An essay using information from the 2020 Comic Artist Survey, Hanna Berry's UK Artist Survey and Sasha Bassett's 2019 comic workforce study, and the MIT Living Wage Calculator to examine what roles comic arts nonprofits can play in establishing page rates that equate to a living wage.

2020 Comic Shows Survey: The 2020 Comic Show Vendor Survey ran from August 24, 2020 to August 31, 2020 and captured the responses of 33 artists who have paid to vend at comic arts fairs, festivals and conventions (comic shows.) This survey was conducted as a test run for a larger survey in 2021 and to provide insight for a WIP essay on the affects of a special guest list on paying vendors at a comics show. 

2020 Comic Artist Survey: The 2020 Comic Artist Survey ran from April 20th, 2020 until June 30, 2020 and captures the responses of 240 artists. The purpose of this survey was to begin a discussion about the needs of comic artists and to frame those needs in the perspective of what actions NPOs can take to address those needs on behalf of the artists.

2020 Non-Artist Survey: The 2020 Non-Artist Survey ran from July 1, 2020 to July 8, 2000 and captured the responses of 49 people who are not comic artists. the purpose of this study was to gauge the degree to which the broader community could accurately estimate the results of the 2020 Comic Artist Survey and the degree to which non-artists view artist identity through the lens of a cultural stereotype.


NPOs as Comic arts Community Stakeholders: A quick overview of Comic Arts nonprofits in terms of size, mission, and age. Created as a basis for determining the diverse range of identity and capacity for NPOs in the comic arts field.

2020 Indie Comics Fair Survey: The 2020 Indie Comics Fair Survey was administered to the vendors at the March 7, 2020 Nix Comics Indie Comics Fair (ICF). This Survey was a test run for the the more ambitious 2020 Comic Artist Survey conducted in June.


Contribute to Future I.C.A.R.P. Surveys

I am building a list of comic arts community members to survey in the future. If you identify as any of the below stakeholder types, please send me an email to ken@nixcomics.com with the subject line: Survey Recruits and let me know a little about yourself in the body of the email!

  • Comic Artist/cartoonist

  • Comic Arts Professional (Non-Artist)

  • Comic Arts Fan

  • Not a Comics Fan

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