DC Digests #17 + #24 (Ghosts and House of Mystery) + How to Collect Comics the Nix Way #1


Zine by Ken Eppstein
36 page B&W Zine

A sister publication to the "Tales from the Crate" record collecting zine, every issue will feature stories about comic books purchased at a specific time and place under budget constraints.  Unlike TFC, "How to Collect Comics the Nix Way" will feature a short fiction story about an imagined previous owner of each comic purchased!  So basically... it's the same but different!

This copy comes with DC Digests #17 + #24 (Ghosts and House of Mystery).

Debuts at the Nix Comics Pop-Up Shop at Kafe Karryout on November 29, 2019. Ships shortly after.  Some copies available paired with actual comics purchased at the comic show or original art.  Check out the home page!  Email for local pick up option in Columbus, Ohio.

Combo: HTC #1 with DC Digests Ghosts and House of Mystery


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