Nix Comics Quarterly #10

Ships September 2018

Stories Include:

The Vicar: The Night Has 1000 Eyes by Ken Eppstein and Michael Neno:  Alberto and the Vicar face down an otherworldy presence in the suburbs!
Ana Satura Meets Josephine Six-Fifteen by Ken Eppstein and Pat Redding Scanlon:  Ana makes a friend and future travel partner after giving a hellhound a lesson in ettiquette!
Eddie and Squid Return from the Dead by Ken Eppstein and Gideon Kendall:  A cop looking for revenge gets more than she bargained for when she hores a bokor to bring Eddie and Squid back from the grave!

Did It Really Happen?: Klaus Nomi pays in Grass by Ken Eppstein and Mark Rudolph

Bus Stop Ned is Off the Grid by Matt Miner and Matt LeJeune
Bus Stop is worried about his Appearance by Ken Eppstein and Liz Valasco

Nix Comics Quarterly#10


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