Nix Comics Quarterly #1: The Rock 'n' roll Horror Anthology

Cover by Darren Merinuk

Six stories in pre-code horror and humor style with inspiration taken from zines, punk records, garage rock bands, B-movies and real life conversations overheard on public transit.


The Devil and Ellis Church by Ken Eppstein and Ryan Brinkerhoff:  A zine writer sits down for a crazy interview with an old blues legend.
Alone in the Dark by Ken Eppstein and Dave Pickard: a teenage couple finds a cute and cuddly alien abanonded in the woods.  That will work out swell for them, I'm sure.
The Vicar: Tuesday Night In Ohio by Ken Eppstein and Michael Neno: Introducing the Vicar: A priest who slays the monsters lurking in the seedy bars that his garage rock band plays at.
Man Loves, God Kills? by Ken Eppstein and Darren Merinuk:  A homophobic funeral protester gets a litle more than he bargains for when he chains himself to a tree in a cemetary.
Bus Stop Ned Goes to Peru by Ken Eppstein and Rich Trask
Bus Stop Ned Sings! by Ken Eppstein and Darren Merinuk

Nix Comics Quarterly #1


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