Nix Comics Quarterly #2: The Rock 'n' Roll Horror Anthology

Cover by Ryan Brinkerhoff

28 pages, color


Six stories in pre-code horror and humor style with inspiration taken from zines, punk records, garage rock bands, B-movies and real life conversations overheard on public transit.


Good Night Aleister Crowe by Ken Eppstein and Darren Merinuk:  A veteran glam rocker has words with a young horror-rock star, but they eventually come to terms...  In a cutting edge sort of way!

What the Chuck? by Dustin Goebel:  A nightmarish visit to a pop-punk show has a teenager questioning how healthy it is to hang out with his buddy Chuck. 

Coffee Break by Patrick Roach:  A lonely waitress lets a creepy customer get under her skin.

The Vicar: Where The Hell Is Bill by Ken Eppstein and Michael Neno:  One of the Vicar's Choir goes missing while his band mates share stories about meeting their mysterious badn leader.  

Zombies by Ken Eppstein and Ryan Brinkerhoff:  It's the end of the world and the last man alive has to decide how he wants to go out!-

Bus Stop Ned Gets All Shook Up by Ken Eppstein and Bob Ray Starker


Nix Comics Quarterly #2


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