Nix Comics Quarterly #3: The Rock N Roll Horror Anthology

Cover by Glen Ostrander

28 pages, color

Eight stories in pre-code horror and humor style with inspiration taken from zines, punk records, record store life, garage rock bands, rock urban Legends, B-movies and real life conversations overheard on public transit.



The Devil's Record Collection by Ken Eppstein and Mark Rudolph:  A record store owner gets an offer that he can't refuse!

Did It Really Happen? James Brown vs. Joe Tex by Ken Eppstein and Matt Wyatt

Mrs. Peterson and the Wolf by Rachel Deering and Glen Ostrander:  A kid bent on debunking the urban legend surrounding a local haunted house gets more than he bargained for!

The Vicar: Here Be Dragons by Ken Eppstein and Michael Neno:  The Vicar isn't sure what kind of Monster he is looking for in a sleepy New england town.
Terror At The State Fair by Ken Eppstein and Bob Ray Starker:  Honestly, aren't all state fair trips kinda terrifying?

Public Domain Theater by Ken Eppstein
Bus Stop Ned Reads Between the Lines by Ken Eppstein and Max Ink (Guest appearance by Blink)
Bus Stop Ned Be Illin' by Ken Eppstein and E.J. Barnes

Nix Comics Quarterly #3


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