Nix Comics Quarterly #5: The Rock 'N' Roll Horror Anthology

Cover by Rich Trask

28 pages, Color


The Old Man Wants To Be Alone by Ken Eppstein and Rich Trask: A hair metal dude wanst to settle down in a new home...  But he hasn't settled down enough for the original owner's taste!

Did It Really happen? Screamin' Jay Hawkins by Ken Eppstein and Mark Rudolph: He walked into the session for "I Put A Spell On You" as Jalacy Hawkins and walked out Screamin' Jay. 
It Felt Like A Kiss by James Moore and Joel Jackson: 60s girl group sound meets 50s pre-code horror  
The Vicar: That Dog Don't Hunt by Ken Eppstein and Michael Neno: The Vicar is captured by some rockabilly werewolves!  He's goitta think quick or become dinner when the moon comes down.
The Devil and Stagger Lee by Ken Eppstein and Derek Stewart:  Ellis Church from issue #1 returns to tell his version of the classic folk story!

Las Caux France, 10,000 BC by Ken Eppstein and Darren Merinuk:  When did the rivalry between graphic artists and music artists begin?  A long long tme ago!

Bus Stop Ned is from Pluto by Ken Eppstein and Matt Wyatt.
Bus Stop Ned Goes Blind by Ken Eppstein and Morgan Carmichael

Nix Comics Quarterly #5


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