Nix Comics Quarterly #7: The Rock 'N' Roll Horror Anthology

Cover by Michael Neno

28 pages, Color

Eight stories in pre-code horror and humor style with inspiration taken from zines, punk records, garage rock bands, B-movies and real life conversations overheard on public transit.



MP3s of Madness by Christian Hoffer and Derek Stewart:  The last record store owner on earth is just trying to get by!


Sanctuary by Ken Eppstein and Darren Merinuk:  60s New York isn't a safe place for a young single woman...  Or, apparently, serial stranglers either! 


The Vicar: Ain't Got time For Love by Ken Eppstein and Michael Neno: The Vicar finally meets his match, but it's not a vampire or werewolf, as much as the pitter patter of his own heart!


Did It Really Happen? Sonny Boy Williamson by Ken Eppstein and Mark Rudolph:
Sonny Boy Williamson touring Great Britain in the 60s is a true fish outta water story! (Guest appearance by the Yardbirds!)


Do This For Chuck by Ken Eppstein and Jess L'Heurreux:  A tale of a teenage girl garage band digging up graves.  Sound good?  You know it does!


Perilous Radio by Eric French and Bobby Wildermuth:  Who has made a better deal with the Devil: The night time DJ or the station manager?


Bus Stop Ned in Soup Is Good Food by Matt Miner and Michael Neno
Bus Stop Ned Is Good With Names by Ken Eppstein and Derek Stewart

Nix Comics Quarterly #7


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