Nix Comics Quarterly #8: The Rock N Roll Horror Anthology
28 pages, Color

Eight stories in pre-code horror and humor style with inspiration taken from zines, punk records, garage rock bands, B-movies and real life conversations overheard on public transit.


Cover by John Jennings: World class artist, writer and academic!!!


How To Succeed In Indie Comics by Ken Eppstein and Tillie Walden:  A handful of useful tips for the self publisher.  Point #1: The value of Human sacrifice!

The Music of Eric Slowhand by Christian Hoffer and Derek Stewart:  The last record store owner on earth has a showdown with the last surviving classic rock icon.

The Vicar: Only In Dreams: by Ken Eppstein and Michael Neno: Alberto and Slim discuss what they know about the Vicar while he sleeps in the tour van. 
Top 12 Reject Nix COmics Quarterly Stories by Rob Jefferson:  Think you gotr what it takes to have a story in Nix Comics Quarterly? Here's a sneak peek at some of the folks who thought the same darnthing... 

Aleister Crowe Sings Sick Songs: Excitable Boy by Ken Eppstein, Darren Merinuk, Rich Trask

Did It Really Happen? The Cramps by Ken Eppstein and Mark Rudolph:  Are the Cramps part of the 70s NYC punk scene or aren't they?  The surprising answer from a scene insider!

Bus Stop Ned Finds Jesus (Hallelujah!) by Matt Miner and Gideon KendallBus Stop Ned's Limited Vocabulary by Ken Eppstein and Rafael Rosado

Nix Comics Quarterly #8


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