Nix Comics Quarterly #9 Promo Copy

Created for hand out at SPX, Contains unedited material from Nix Comics Quarterly #9

28 pages color

This issue:

Cover by Stephen Blickenstaff: Created by the artist/musician responsible for one of the most iconic album covers of all time! (The Cramps: Bad Music for Bad People)


The Vicar: Whispers From The Alley by Ken Eppstein and Michael Neno: The monster huntin' garage rockin' preacher faces off against a werewolf But that's just the beginning of the story as his right hand man, Alberto, has a conversation with... A dog in the alley?


Verna's Somnabulant Adventure by Ken Eppstein and Gideon Kendall: Verna thinks there is something wrong with her roommate Sally's creepy new additions to her Beatles collection. It's a frightening foursome to be sure!

Hellhounds On My Trail by Ken Eppstein and Pat Redding Scanlon: Ana Tatsura, Introduced in the Vicar Story in issue #7 It's all guitars, hot rod cars and karate chops as we get a little insight into who Ana is!

The Shoplift Horror by Christian Hoffer and Andy Bennett The owner of the last record store on earth has to deal with post-apocalyptic Lovecraftian horrors on a daily basis.... So exactly is what is so horrifying about a simple shoplifter??

Did It Really happen? Thor the Rock Warrior Meets Stan Lee by Ken Eppstein and Mark Rudolph: What happened when Canadian rocker and body builder Jon Mikl Thor met Marvel's Stan Lee? Well, it was more than a little cloudburst! 'Nuff Said.

Bus Stop Ned has a good day by Ken Eppstein and Matt Wyatt and Bus Stop Ned has a recipe by Matt Miner, Jude Vigants and Taylor Esposito:  Two new stories featuring everybody's (least) favorite commuter! Dialog taken from actual real bus stop "horror stories"


Nix Comics Quarterly #9 Promo Copy


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