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Pebbles: Volume 7

BFD Records BFD-5024
Glossy black vinyl and no noticeable defects. Jacket is still in shrink and has only light general wear.

Side 1: (Something Wild)    Trippin' Out, (The Descendants)    Lela, (The Denims)    White Ship, (The Heard)    Stop It Baby, (Hysterics)    Everything's There, (Silver Fleet)    Look Out World, (The Human Beings)    You're Bad News, (The Chocolate Watchband)    Sweet Young Thing, (The Craig)    I Must Be Mad    2:52

Side 2: (The Edge)    Seen Through The Eyes, (We The People)    When I Arrive, (The Soul Survivors)    Shakin With Linda, (The Four Fifths)    If You Still Want Me, (The Dovers)    She's Not Just Anybody, (Sunday Funnies)    A Pindaric Ode, (The Painted Ship)    Frustration, (The Live Wires)    Love


Pebbles Vol. 7