Pure Entertainment #1 Pocket Book
reprinted courtesy Look Mom Comics

stories Include:
Pat Redding: Stranded in the Jungle
Dave Simons: Race with the Devil

Al Voss: Return of the DJ

Michael Fontanelli: Classical Man

Eric Cartier: Six Pack Blues

Mort Todd: The Divisible Man

Bob Camp: Rock 'n Roll Hell

Eric Cartier: Fashion Survival Kit

Peter Kuper: Seen Not Seen

Gary Hallgren: Studebaker

Pete Friedrich: Police Car

Jeff Bonivert: In Every Dream Home a Heartache

Eric Cartier: Werewolves of London

Tom Molenelli: Mean Mr. Mommy Man

Pete Friedrich: It's a Beautiful World

Gary Hallgren: Battle of the Bands Sonics vs The Wailers

Joost Swaart: Music Festival Poster

Pure Entertainment #1


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