Weirdo #16

Last Gasp Publishing

Flat tight book with light wear edges and some page disoloration

Cover by Robert Crumb. One-page strips by Mark Zingarelli. "The Lord Of Eltingville and His Pal Frank Sinatra," script and art by Drew Friedman. Untitled autobiographical strip, script by Aline Kominsky-Crumb and Robert Crumb; Aline admires her newly slim body and criticizes Robert's flabby stomach; Robert ponders how explicit this comic should be; The couple goes out in the yard to cut the weeds. "Fishlip Gets a Haircut," script and art by Cameron Striewski. "Fatal Fellatio," script by Dennis Eichhorn, art by Carel Moiseiwitsch. "A Day in the Life of Jeff, Jeff and Mike," script and art by David Collier; An irate parent interrupts the guys hanging out. Punk Magazine Revisited! article by Michael Macrone. "The Mystic Shrine," script and art by Kim Deitch; Kewpie learns the secret of the mystic shrine. 44 pgs

Weirdo #16


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