Weirdo #17

Last Gasp Publishing

Flat tight book with light wear edges and some page disoloration

Cover by Robert Crumb. Art Art Art, script and art by M.A. McMillan; Lol prevents a leak disrupting a gallery show. The Religious Experience of Philip K. Dick, script by Philip K. Dick and Robert Crumb, art by Robert Crumb; Crumb illustrates Dick's testimony of some strange experiences. A New (Not Old) Adventure!, script and art by J.D. King; Bill and Phil take against old folk. Drunk Driving, script and art by Ken Weiner; Farmer Brown has a succession of car accidents. DiDi Has an Orgasm, script and art by Diane Noomin; DiDi is tired of her usual sex life. 44 pgs.

Weirdo #17


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