Weirdo #26

Cover by Robert Crumb. Harvey Sez column; Harvey Pekar praises the new comics journalism, including the likes of Joe Sacco, Bill Tulp and Tom Keough. "People... Ya Gotta Love 'Em!", script and art by Robert Crumb; The struggle through the great mass of humanity. "A Bird in the Beard," script and art by Penny Moran Van Horn; DJ Don has a crush on Barb. "Quaker School Q-Ties in Plan Against The Boys," script and art by Phoebe Gloeckner; A group of schoolgirls discover one of their number has reached puberty. Untitled story, script and art by Spain Rodriguez; Big Bitch acquires a formula enabling the total recall of dreams. "A Scam a Day: Growing Up as Arnie's Girl," script and art by Aline Kominsky-Crumb; Arnie's brutal parenting. "Where Am I?," script and art by Roy Tompkins; A is man plagued by a violent hallucination.

Used: Flat tight book with glossy cover.  Light page yellowing.  light wear at edges.

Weirdo #26


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