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Weirdo Magazine #3

Cover by Robert Crumb. "Troubles With Gassel," script by Terry Zwigoff, art by Bob Armstrong; Morrie is caught short needing a dump. "The Adventures Of Onion Head," script and art by Robert Crumb; Onion Head leaves the farm for the wider world. Twenty-one drawings produced by Max Crumb. "My Pet Penis," script and art by Terry Boyce; A girl discovers a pet penis. "The Bean Sisters Get In Shape," script by Robert Crumb, art by "Stomp" Ganos; The Bean Sisters visit Bob's Dancercise Studio. "Excerpts from Boswell's London Journal 1762-1763," script by James Boswell and Robert Crumb, art by Robert Crumb; Boswell carouses and discusses literature in London. "The Adventures of Skank, Arms & Bud!", script by John Holstrom, Peter Bagge, and J.D. King, art by J.D. King; Skank, Arms & Bud have a night out. Twenty-four assorted cartoons with a jazz theme by Gene Deitch. Assorted one-page strips by Robert Crumb. 44 pgs

Flat tight book with light general wear and lightly yellowed pages.

Weirdo #3