Weirdo #7

Last Gasp Publishing

Flat tight book with light wear edges and some page disoloration

Cover by Robert Crumb. "Curse of the Mysterious Horror," script and art by Norman Dog; A visit to a spooky house. Several one-page strips by Norman Dog. "Trash - what do we throw away?", script and art by Robert Crumb; Crumb considers trash. "Untamed Passion For Pasta" photo story. "Gold is Where You Find It," script and art by Jeff John; Butch trucker Axel is hired to deliver a sensitive shipment. Several one-page strips by Drew Friedman. Several one-page strips by Butch Austin. "The Bunch, Her Baby & Grammaw Blabette," script and art by Aline Kominksy-Crumb. 44 pgs.,

Weirdo #6


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