Weirdo #7

Last Gasp Publishing

Flat tight book with light wear edges and some page disoloration

CCover by Robert Crumb. One-page strips by Dennis Worden and Drew Friedman. "Helen Hippo," script and art by Elinore Norflus; How Helen was transformed into a hippo. "Uncle Bob's Mid-Life Crisis," script and art by Robert Crumb; Crumb has a mid-life crisis. "The Siamese Fiendlings," script and art by Robert Williams; Evil Siamese twins run riot. "Slaves of the Comic Book Factory! (Girl Cartoonists Turned Into...)" photo story; Two women want to work as artists for Last Gasp. Several one-page strips by Jeff John. "Trashman Agent Of The 6th International," script and art by Spain Rodriguez; Much ado about banned chocolate. One-page strips by Kazimieras G. Prapuolenis. Back cover by Robert Crumb. 44 pgs.,

Weirdo #7


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