Yeah, But What Have I Done For You LATELY #1
By Ken Eppstein
Shitty first printing done at copy I mean limited edition

March 2019


A collection of works-in-progress, research material, and sketch book drawings by Ken Eppstein.  Includes:

  • 8 pages of art from forthcoming "What the Hell is a Rudy Goose!?" graphic memoir
  • A chapter of the illustrated novel "On Tour With Roy Lee Hood"
  • A survey conducted with comic artists at the 2020 Indie Comics Fair
  • Riffing sketches and pages for "Nix Romance Comics featuring the Unhuman Love of Robotwoman and Stinkman"
  • A collection of sketches done eitehr with eyes closed or two hands drawing at the same time.

What Have I Done For You Lately #1


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