Top Three Songs About Dated Phone Technology

I try not to be an old stick in the mud. Honestly, I do. But one of the things that I think saddens me is when a song dies a death due to an inability adequately keep up with technology. The songs are the three I hope the most that "Kids Today" will continue to love despite carrying around a tiny phone that is more advanced than a Star Trek Communicator and Tricorder combined.

Beechwood 45-789 by the Marvellettes:

With the decline of telephone numbers with exchanges based on the nearest home office, this earworm was already sorta dated when it was released in 1962. In fact, just a few years later, Wilson Pickett’s 634-5789 (penned by Eddie Floyd and Steve Cropper) used the exact same last digits with a more modern exchange.

Answering Machine by the Replacements: Alright. This song isn’t REALLY about answering machines as much as it’s about the grief inherent to a faded long distance romance, but it does prominently feature a piece of technology that first became superfluous with the advent of voicemail and later completely obsolete when people started facebook stalking.

Party Line by the Kinks

It’s kind of crazy to think that at one time there were whole communities that shared a single phone line, so that when you picked up your home phone it was likely that you would enter into the middle of some neighbor’s conversation. Sort of ironically, the answering machine was in part responsible for killing off the party lines as they weren’t technologically compatible.

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