Darren Merinuk's Rockin' Bones #2

March 1, 2018


Looking at this old Rockin' Bones stuff for the first time in 25 years, there is one thing I gotta say about it: Back when I drew this stuff I was in that situation they talk about where you don't even know how much you don't know; there were so many things about making comics that I had no idea how to do, or even that you were supposed to do 'em, but when given the opportunity to write and draw my own comic book I just jumped right in like a kamikaze caveman and started making comics. I think that's actually kinda cool. Also maybe kinda stupid, but still...


"Rocket X" is a takeoff on the traditional '50s style space exploration movies (plus a stiff shot of Wally Wood/EC sci-fi atmosphere). There were certain stock characters in all those movies: the naive but eager young cadet, the girl-crazy wolf, the wise, experienced captain. A lot of of them include a token female crew member but for obvious reasons I didn't have one in this story. I was always kinda proud of the fact that in the Rockin' Bones universe Shemp Howard was the President of the USA. No one ever commented on that bit of whimsey; I'm not sure whether no one ever noticed or they just thought Shemp was so obviously qualified and well-suited to be President that it wasn't worth mentioning but I have always hoped it was the latter.


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