A Book of Art 'n Haiku...? Hahahaha. Good One, Eppstein

Beauty Found In Darkness

128 page color book of Art and Poetry 8.5x11" flip book format By Kent Grosswiler, Rob Jones, Alli MacGregor

Release date: May 25, 2018

Cover Price: $25

Pre-Order now on Kickstarter for $20 Part of 2018 De-Luxe subscription package for $65 Also available with original art pieces by all three artists!

Link: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/nixcomics/nix-comics-2018-comic-book-and-records-subscriptio In 2012, when I told my friend Aaron that I was releasing a Western Comic, he thought I was joking. He wasn't alone. A lot of people thought I was joking because they didn't see the connection between the garage rock tinged horror and humor of Nix Comics Quarterly and the western genre. Most of them totally got it, though, once the first issue of the Western hit the stands.

So... I wasn't joking then and I'm not joking now when I tell you that I'm going to publish Beauty Found In Darkness, a collection of Haiku by Nix Comics Quarterly #6 cover artist Kent Grosswiler. with Accompanying at by Rob Jones and Alli MacGregor.

I don't know when I first noticed the Haiku that Kent was posting on Facebook... But I do know that I wasn't the only one. In true algorithm busting fasting, each one had a long thread of comments and approximately a bazillion likes. Per Kent: "In 2011 I was taking a poetry class & the same week we were studying the Japanese masters I started noticing really gritty modern haiku scrolling through my fb feed. I shot my friend, Danny Bland, a message to compliment him on them & he invited me to write one a day for a year. The year turned into three."

Sample Pages:

When Kent approached me about his idea of publishing a book of these Haiku, I really couldn't say no! He is bringing a mentality to this project that combines both his musical and comic book influences. (Really! We just had a meeting where he compared designing Finding Beauty in Darkness to both making a set list for a band AND to the :Fearful Symmetry issue of the Watchmen.)

To that end, Kent has put together something of a band for Beauty Found In Darkness. In a true DIY and collaborative spirit, Kent has Recruited Rob Jones and Alli MacGregor to interpret his poetry in visual form. (Sample pages below.)

Original Art Pieces available through Kickstarter:

More Info: Kent Grosswiler: Kent is a self taught artist currently based in Columbus, OH. He has exhibited and done commission work both locally and nationally. In addition to painting, he is currently getting a degree in English/creative writing and has played drums in a wide variety of bands for over 20 years.

Website: http://www.kentgrosswiler.com/​ Facebook: Definitely Not Trifling - The Art of Kent Grosswiler

Twitter: @defnottrifling


Rob W. Jones: Rob W. Jones has been showing art since '98. He currently teaches elementary art for Olentangy Schools. Creeking, fishing, and sculpture are how he spends his free time.

Facebook: Thee Gutbucket Art of Rob W. Jones Instagram: Uncle_Gutbucket

Alli MacGregor: Alli MacGregor is best known for her work in permanent body art and watercolor pop culture portraiture. When she is not exploring new subject matter through her artwork she enjoys spending time being frustrated with her dogs and watching hockey.

Website: https://allimacgregor.weebly.com/ Facebook: allimacgregor

Twitter: AlliMacgregor Instagram: allimacgregor Cap City Tattoo co. Website: http://www.capcitytattooco.com/

Facebook: capcitytattoocolumbus

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