The story behind Nix Comics Quarterly #10's Cover

I've received a lot of compliments already on the cover for Nix Comics Quarterly #10. I'm glad. especially because this was the cover that almost didn't happen!

After meeting her through the process of publishing the reprint of Look Mom Comics Pure Entertainment, Pat Redding Scanlon quickly became one of my better friends and more favorite collaborators for Nix Comics. We've co-created a great recurring character: Ana Satsura. the World's Greatest Sinner. A lot of people told me they loved the first full length Ana story in issue #9, so I really wanted to Pat to do a cover for the new issue with Ana featured prominently fending off her nemesis, the Hellhounds. (Nemeses? Nemesisses? Nemesi? I could look it up but I ain't gonna!)

Unfortunately, the same day that I sent Pat the offer of the cover gig, she posted this bit of gore! She had cut open her finger in gnarly fashion and told me that she was sure that she could accept the assignment. Couldn't blame her!

Luckily, Pat was working on another piece for someone else that needed to get done. After an evening of work, Pat decided that her thumb was in good enough order to go ahead and take the Cover Assignment.

One of the things I about working with Pat is that we have a very similar rock n roll aesthetic. Since we both draw on the same or similar sources, I can give her a minimal of instruction and know that I will get something even better than I imagined in return. My instructions for this cover, for example, were only "Ana on stage beating up a rowdy audience full of Hellhound men. Alt-country looking, is what i was thinking." Here's the series of drawings I got in return with minimal edits and comments along the way!

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