Artist Spotlight: Mark Rudolph

The Small Press and Alternative Comics Expo (SPACE) has always been good to me. Beyond normally making decent money for a comic show, I almost always meet someone who I admire and want to work with on future comics.

For instance, the very first year I exhibited at SPACE, I met Mark Rudolph.

Mark is a prolific artist who does illustration work for bands and magazines including Decibel Magazine, Carcass, Paradise Lost, Metal Hammer Magazine, Autopsy, Broken Hope and many others. His self published comics and zines are well crafted and exciting reads. His posters and non-narrative artwork is a catalog of stunners. If that's not enough, he is also a noted podcaster!

Anyways... Shortly after meeting Mark, I hired him on to draw "The Devil's Record Collection" story in issue #3 of Nix Comics Quarterly and he has become the regular artist on the same title's recurring "Did It Really Happen?" series, which features illustrated versions of the rock n roll myths that we all retell despite dubious veracity. Nix Comics also has reprinted Mark's graphic novel about record stores "Closing Doors" and sells a good chunk of Mark's bibliography here on this very site! search for Mark's Comics and Art: The next issue will feature Mark's interpretation of operatic glam rock sensation Klaus Nomi getting stranded in the midwest without bus fare back to NYC! That is available for pre-order now on kickstarter for $4 or as part of both subscription options! Link:

Available books with Mark Rudolph art:

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