Comix and Rekkid Pairings Vol. 1

There are two reasons I run this mail order site. The first, and most obvious, is that I need dough to keep making Nix Comics and selling similar stuff seems like a good way to do that. The second is a more nebulous idea that there is a link between records and comics as different not-quite parallel mediums for conveying narratives. Sometimes the connecting points are obvious, such as work by artists who are both musicians and cartoonists, and other times more oblique, like finding a similar tone in a genre genre such as horror or romance. Here are some examples of pairings I think you should check out: Rudy Ray Moore: Hully Gully Fever with Afrodisac

Take in this pairing as a before and after exploration of the Blaxploitation movie genre. Norton Records's double LP collection of songs and radio spots by Rudy Ray Moore show his development as a satirist and are the stepping stones towards movie personae he would create in Dolemite and other films. Adhouse Books's Afrodisiac by Brian Maruca and Jim Rugg are a lovingly satirical take on those same films! Buy them both for one low price here:

Trina Robbins and the Pandoras: It's About Time

When I think of a great garage rock song, I think of a song that is short, sweet and centered around a strong guitar or organ riff that carries the tone of the lyrics including the subtext of the cultural inequities that birthed the songs. When I think of my favorite Trina Robbins stories, they are short, sweet and and are driven by the subtext of the cartoonist culture which inspired and dogged down Trina throughout her career. I don't know what kind of music Trina Listens too, but the Pandoras definitely tell the same sort of stories that she does. (Heck, they even look like they were drawn by Trina!)

Buy this combo here:

Maniac Priest Book 1 and The Unspeakable horror of Isaac Rother And The Phantoms

OK... No lie, I was purposely looking for a pairing that have will help me clear out a few of the items that I am overstocked on. I buy a lot of things direct from artist, usually multiple copies in the cases where I fall in love with the material. Problem with that is, you guys don't always see the same magic that I do, so I sit on a bunch of copies for what seems like forever.

That's not to say, though, that this pairing is a random mismatch. While flipping through my inventory I was struck by the color pallet similarity between the the LP jacket art and Javier's cover. Then I realized that both artists are from southern California and drawn heavily from B-movies horror movies to convey their stories. Reading Maniac Priest while listening to the Unspeakable Horror Isaac Rother & The Phantoms is like adding a movie soundtrack to the comic!

You can buy them together here:

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