Record Collecting: Hidden Surprises

A while back a bought of Dwight Yoakam 45s for resell. I didn't get a super great deal on them given their condition, but I needed to pick up SOMETHING to make the hours I spent looking through the crates at this particular shop worthwhile. The Guitars, Cadillacs single was particularly rough on the Pic Sleeve end of things with two giant address sized envelope labels having been used to catalog it someone's collection in the past. It had a bonus though... This handwritten note by the original owner, which at first perplexed me.. (Red mark is me redacting name/address of original owner) I couldn't figure out what these notations were for:

I puzzled over it for a while before stuffing it back into the pic sleeve and didn't think twice about it until I started getting some records together for listing yesterday. I carefully peeled the label off of Dwight's hat brim and magically I could translate the text!

I'll be damned! I never thought of any of the records I sell as being good for line dancing, but that shows what I know!

You can buy the record complete with Line Dance instructions here:

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