Record Comic #2: The Waldos Rent Party

The second of what will be my series of OUBAPO comics with the following constraints:

  • I must draw the entire comic within the space of time I spend listening to one record. (Sides A & B)

  • I must draw each individual panel within the space of a single song.

  • I must draw with a cheap black pen. No pencil or erasing.

  • The record has to be one that I haven't listened to "in a while."

  • I can't use the lyrical content of the record in the text of my comic.

  • I must use the half sheets left over from printing shipping labels.

The Waldos: Rent Party LP:

Page 1: I don't why I wanted to do a "Mod Mindflayer" heading to the record store. but I do know that I probably need to ,make choices for this series that are a lot easier to draw in a short period of time.

Page 2: The joke I was going for was that the I.C.E. agent couldn't even identify a mind flayer when he was talking to one. Didn't really come across.

Page 3: Woof. Listening to punk rock songs makes finishing complex ideas and panels almost impossible. In my vision of panel three, Mod Mindflayer was going to be in the record store with I.C.E. agent brains dripping from his face tentacles, complaining to his oblivious record store salesman. The song "Party Lights" clocks in at just over 2 minutes, which is not enough time to draw all that even in my sloppy style.

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