Record Comic #3: Raw Deal

October 7, 2018

The third of what will be my series of OUBAPO comics with the following constraints:

  • I must draw the entire comic within the space of time I spend listening to one record. (Sides A & B)

  • I must draw each individual panel within the space of a single song.

  • I must draw with a cheap black pen.  No pencil or erasing.

  • The record has to be one that I haven't listened to "in a while."

  • I can't use the lyrical content of the record in the text of my comic. 

  • I must use the half sheets left over from printing shipping labels. 

Raw Deal LP:

Page 1: I'm not sure why I decided to do a Batman comic today. Not normally a fan-fic kind of guy.  the end result was a little aimless to begin with and completely went to shit by page 3.

Page 2: I've said it before and meant it... Maybe if I was a transformers fan as a kid, I would be able to draw cars n shit now.  But, I always thought Transformers were stupid and now I can't draw a car to save my life.  End result here is that it derailed some jokes I wanted to make about Batman and "alternative" lifestyles.  Probably just as well. 

Page 3:  I was so disappointed in my Batmobile that I not only blew it up, but the whole premise of the comic.  Once again the last song on side B of the LP was waaaay too short for me to get in a complex idea.  (It was going to be me dreaming of an issue of the Hulk where he fights Iggy Pop.)


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