Record Comic #4: the Rip Offs Got a Record

The fourth of what will be my series of OUBAPO comics with the following constraints:

  • I must draw the entire comic within the space of time I spend listening to one record. (Sides A & B)

  • I must draw each individual panel within the space of a single song.

  • I must draw with a cheap black pen. No pencil or erasing.

  • The record has to be one that I haven't listened to "in a while."

  • I can't use the lyrical content of the record in the text of my comic.

  • I must use the half sheets left over from printing shipping labels.

The Rip Offs: Got A Record LP

Page 1: I wish I could quickly and easily draw things like someone snipping a wire... I think that kind of thing is actually among the hardest to do. if I ever do a "Nix Try-Out Book" I'm gonna ask for a bunch of shit like that! Also, I am really broke, so why don't you click around on the site and find some comics and records to buy? Seriously....

Page 2: Totally should've drawn my head first in panel 5, but I was worried that there was too much text to fit in. In the end, though, covering up the eyes was a nice touch for a guy who is clearly fooling himself with the dialog, I suppose.

Page 3: The End! Hah hah haa... I'm in pieces.

Page 4: OK, page 3 wasn't quite the end. there was one song left. A really short one that didn't last long enough for me to draw a convincing pile of my own smoking body parts. I either need to choose my records more carefully or stop worrying about ending a gag on the last page/panel.

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