Record Comics #5: The Galaxy Trio: Saucers Over Vegas

The fifth of my series of OUBAPO comics with the following constraints:

  • I must draw the entire comic within the space of time I spend listening to one record. (Sides A & B)

  • I must draw each individual panel within the space of a single song.

  • I must draw with a cheap black pen. No pencil or erasing.

  • The record has to be one that I haven't listened to "in a while."

  • I can't use the lyrical content of the record in the text of my comic.

  • I must use the half sheets left over from printing shipping labels.

The Galaxy Trio: Saucers Over Vegas

Page 1: Chose a 10" EP today because I feel a little pressed for time. Not sure why I added the belligerent nod to Madness on panel 1. Think I nailed a quick drawing of my dog Minnie.

Page 2: Accidentally did page 1 on top of page 2, so it bled through. Kind of like the freckly pattern. A little bummed I couldn't come out with anything better than a same-old same-old "take me to your leader" gag.

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