Shop Talk: Good News & Bad News 2018 Revenue and Expenses to Date

The Good News is, as of November 30, accounting for all of my expenses and revenues, Nix Comics has $425 in the bank. (Well, in the bank and paypal account, but you know what I mean.) That's the second year in a row that I'm in the black late into the year by a tiny percentage.

The bad news is that I haven't completed my 2018 obligations. I owe subscribers two books. (Nix Western Comics #4 and Buck Slaughter's Book of Rock N Roll Facts #3) I also owe a $278 loan repayment on December 6. The loan repayment isn't a problem, but I'm going to have to push back the release of those two comics... Again. I am so sorry about that. Outside of the kickstarter, sales have not been great and so I have been behind on money all year, which has had a domino effect on both my productivity and self-confidence.. I know that's not unique among artists and small business folks; I guess I just thought there would be another step forward this year.

Here's how sales have looked month by month in 2018. It's inclusive of kickstarter, website sales, events and third party platforms like discogs and discogs. This is just sales, mind you, and it doesn't include all revenue: loan funds, shipping fees, advertisements & sponsorships and gifts.

The orange line represents a $500 sales month, which is the minimum amount that I would consider a "good" sales month; one wherein I can meet all of my obligations.. In the past 11 months I've failed to hit that mark 5 outta 6 times. Not a big deal as these things tend to be spiky, but it's worth saying that each time I don't hit the $500 mark there is a distinct ripple effect on the subsequent months because I have to work harder on sales to make up the difference. Honestly, it's also psychological jarring and can lead to a fearful paralysis on my part., putting me behind on the artistic side of things as well as the resulting money issues.

I think that most anyone reading this blog probably knows that I sell a bunch of stuff besides Nix Comics to help keep the Nix Comics gears gearing and cogs cogging.. Here's an idea of what I'm actually selling by percentage.

Ideally I'd like the sales of non-nix stuff get me to that $500 a month minimum. Not there at all!

Finally, here's where I'm at expense and revenue wise at the moment. I hate to draw any conclusions before all of the information is in and tallied for the year, so I'll definitely do an update in early January to let you know how things wrapped up! Expenses: Revenue:

Nix Comics Production Art $6,240.00 Sales $7,531.09

Printing $3,736.25 Advertisements $700.00

Scanning $284.88

Record Pressing $1,483.00

Song Licensing $279.90

subtotal $12,219.03 subtotal $8,231.09


Supplies $713.59 Shipping Charged $2,276.00

Postage $1,612.86

subtotal $2,326.45 subtotal $2,182.00

Other Merchandise

New Records $340.29 New Records $1,315.74

New Comics $241.00 New Comics $426.07

Used comics $707.94 Used Comics $729.97

Used records $540.31 Used Records $743.75

Used Zines $166.30 Used Zines $457.14

Original Art $270.00 Original Art $594.00

New Zine $83.89

Books $124.00

2 Buck Crate $97.00

subtotal $2,265.84 subtotal $4,570.56

Sales Platforms & Marketing

Website Hosting $563.29

Facebook ads $153.91

Twitter ads $198.00

Print Ads $20.00

Event Table Fees $545.00

Paypal Fees $173.02

Square fees $33.99

ebay Fees $244.41

Discogs Fees $62.24

Kickstarter Fees $789.89

Refunds $50.63

subtotal $2,834.38

Other Expenses & Revenue:

New Laptop $187.95 Loan $10,000.00

Software $5.36 Table Fees $84.00

Printer Toner $53.99 Event Sponsorships $150.00

Professional subscription $20.00 Kickstarter Gifts $904.00

Charitable donations $30.00

Bank Fees $132.00

Salary/Payments $3,023.00

Loan Repayments $2,500.02

subtotal $6052.32 subtotal $11,138.00

Grand Total $25,698.02 Grand Total $26,123.65

Net $425.63

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