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Things Are A Comin' (I just don't know what...)

January 17, 2019


I'll admit that 2019 is catching me a little flatfooted.  Left overs from 2018 are in part responsible; I just now have sent Nix Western Comics #4 to the printer, You can pre-order it here if you want, I still need to knock out Buck Slaughter's Book of Rock N roll Facts #4 and Tales From the Crate #5.   Only once I get all of that done can I start earnestly planning anything new.  Until that finish line is clearly visible, I can let the ideas swim loosely around in my head.   

In the more firm than loose world, I am working to publish a comic by two of my favorite artists: JT Dockery and Sexton Ming.  Once there's more info on that I'll let y'all know, but in the mean time, to the right is a quick preview of what that'll look like.

 I also want to put out Issue #11 of the Horror Anthology, but probably do a Charlton-esque name swap and format change.  You see, I've never made all of money back on any issue of Nix Comics Quarterly.  Also, if I'm talking honestly, it does bother me that I got four issues out that first year and never since....  So I'm going to keep the numbering and change the title of that mag to just plain "Nix Horror Comics."  I am also going to expand it to 56 pages, and double the price to $10.  Basically, trying to make money at five bucks a pop is for the birds and this a needed step.   There is a trade off, though, where the increased cost that comes from increased page count will probably limit other full color, multiple artist projects.


I'm planning to do a "shop talk" post about the dollars and cents of that within the next week or so.  The increased page count does come with increased costs, so Stay tuned for that if you like the mathy sort of stuff.


I don't really want to let the title "Nix Comics Quarterly" go.  I want to reuse it with new numbering (So, starting with Volume #2, Issue #1) in the form of a zine.  The theme of that zine will be insight into art and artists who work at intersection points between comics/cartoons, rock music and B-Movies.  It will be both digital and print and, Ideally. involve some writers and artists other than myself.  I'll figure that out and get going on it soon.

I have had a few folks tell me that they liked the Origins of A Story Teller zines about playing RPGs.  Those are easy and fun to make, so I'll probably do at least a couple of those!


And that's all I got so far.!  

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