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Suggested Ways to MAKE ME PAY!

July 9, 2019

As part of the promotion for this month's kickstarter, I am giving every backer a 50% off coupon good for any one item at the mail order website. 


While I realize that y'all aren't made of money, I do want to say thank you for helping me bring two new books into print and maybe make some of the more expensive items in the catalog a little more accessible.


There of lots of great comics and records you could get for a steal, but below you will find some suggestions for ways to use that coupon.  They include items that I probably shouldn't let go for that cheap, things that I'm surprised I still have in stock because they are so dang cool.



Suggested Items to use your 50% Coupon on:


Darren Merinuk's Original Art

Original art by Darren Merinuk from the Nix Comics Quarterly #4 story "Did It Really happen? The Ray Davies Marathon Melee Breakdown" which details the story of Ray Davies flipping out and running a few miles to the Kinks publicist's house with the intent to do him bodily harm!  $60 plus shipping with backer coupon.  11"x17" ink on Bristol Board.





 Knights of Fuzz

Wanna know how I know no so much about 80s and 90s garage rock?  The secret is I buy a lot of records based on reading books like Timothy Gassen's "The Knights of Fuzz."   This 500 page encyclopedia is by far the most comprehensive tome on the subject of garage revival acts that I have ever seen!  (Plus more Merinuk art on the cover!).  $15 plus shipping with backer coupon




Theresa K's Punk Rock Book of the Dead

I believed this book of photographer Theresa Kereakes' portraits of deceased punk icons was a limited run creation meant to serve as the exhibition book for art exhibit at the Get Hip Records gallery/warehouse.  Any which way, its cool as shit and hard to find!  $15 plus shipping with backer coupon



 Kent Grosswiler's Beauty Found In Darkness

Yeah Yeah Yeah... Cheezy of me to recommend my own back stock....  But I'm really proud of this book and want as many people as possible to own a copy.  It is also a limited run, hence the normal $25 price tag, but if you indulged in pledging $10 for Sexton Ming and JT Dockery's new poetry comic "Kenttucky Pussy" and bought this book for $12.50 plus shipping with backer coupon, you'd be coming out ahead on the deal!




Jenny Mae N Jerry Wick w/ Gaunt Jim Mother Fucker single

Probably the best "bundle" that I've offered to date.  One comic, two records and a whole lot of Columbus music scene history.  Only $10 plus shipping with backer coupon




Killer Queen Anthology

I ain't the only one that does rock music themed comic anthologies!  My friends at Red Stylo Media have done a few and they are all great!  Killer Queen, featuring stories on most people's favorite glam band is only $15 plus shipping with backer coupon 




Shattering conventions

A collection of essays by Bob Calhoun about the year he got fired and spent his newly acquired free time crashing conventions of all sorts.  From the rock n roll excesses of the NAMM (National Association of Music Merchants) Expo to the unexpected results of the New Salem Baptist Ministry protesting comic con to the world of conspiracy theorists... This book is a wild ride!  $8.50 plus shipping with back coupon

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