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It doesn't take much to get me to go on a record buying spree. This past weekend I decided that it would be fun to introduce newly minted Columbusonian (cartoonist, eductaor and fellow vinyl fiend) Ben Towle to my favorite north of downtown record stores: Elizabeth's Records, Lost Weekend and Used Kids.

I didn't go with the intention of making the trip into a new "Tales From The Crate" issue, but ended up spending about fifty bucks and totally could've gone that route! Anyways, here's what I bought:

Rachel Sweet: I Go To Pieces/Who Does Lisa Like Stiff records Buy 44 Vinyl Condition: Near Mint (NM): Glossy black vinyl with no noticeable defects Jacket Condition: Very Good+ (VG+): Light wear at edges and light discoloration Bought For: Keepers

Rachel Sweet singles with covers of older songs are like crack to me. If the price tag is a buck or less, I always buy them because I think the Akron native had a lot of the same things going on for her as a young Brenda Lee had going. Its a shame Stiff never managed to find a “Dynamite” or “I’m Sorry” for Rachel.

Not a lot of people share this opinion, so you can find a lot of cheap Rachel Sweet singles. (Turns out I didn’t already own this one, so you’ll have to find your own copy of “I Go To Pieces”)

Dan Melchior: Instant Love/That’s No Way To Get Along

Smart Guy Records 005 Vinyl Condition: Near Mint (NM): Glossy black vinyl with no noticeable defects Jacket Condition: Very Good+ (VG+): Light wear at edges Bought For: Resale I’m familiar with Dan Melchior the same way I’m familiar with Sexton Ming… He has been a frequent collaborator with Billy Childish and there was a point where I obsessively chased down anything Childish related. This is a pretty good record. Folksy, Bluesy and sparse. Melchior does a good job of playing his guitar percussively and stomping his foot to give the feeling of a drummer. I also dig the wood print cartoon sleeve art. Honestly, if I hadn’t over spent on that day, I would probably be keeping this record and may yet if none of you show enough taste to snatch it up from my clutches.

King Krusher & the Turkey Necks: King Krusher/The Bandits: Highway 65 Get Hip Records (Archives): GHAS-8 Vinyl Condition: Near Mint (NM): Glossy black vinyl with no noticeable defects Jacket Condition: Very Good+ (VG+): Light wear at edges Bought For: Resale

Whenever I see a copy of this record for sale used in the Columbus, I can be 90% positive that I sold it new at Rudy Goose Comics in the late 90s. I sold a ton of these! Pretty much every time a weirdo rock n roll kid walked in, I would put “King Krusher” on the turntable and more often than not, I would talk the kid into buying it. With traceable influence on both the Cramps and the Ramones, it was an easy sell.

MOTO. (Masters of the Obvious): She’s Not Ready/Badger & Germ Inside Feel Good All Over: MOTO 1 Vinyl Condition: Near Mint (NM): Glossy black vinyl with no noticeable defects Jacket Condition: Very Good+ (VG+): Light wear at edges Bought For: Resale

I already have this record, so up it goes on the sales block, but if you email with a trade for a MOTO record of a similar value, I will probably take you up on it. I love everything I’ve heard by this band, but there’s a giant hole in my collection waiting to be filled by MOTO records. It’s funny, they’ve been around for ever, but didn’t hit my radar until five years ago or so when someone played the song “Flipping You Off With Every Finger Of My Hand.”

Battle of the Garages Volume 3 Voxx Records 200.020 Vinyl Condition: Very Good+ (VG+): Glossy black vinyl with some light scuffs that cause a little bit of crackle. Jacket Condition: Very Good+ (VG+): Light general wear, rounded corners Bought For: Keepers

Side 1: Zebra Stripes: Intro '66, The Fourgiven: Yeah!, The Gravedigger V Spooky, The Mutts: Anxious Color, The Untold Fables: I Try, The Mystery Machine: She's Not Mine, The Telltale Hearts*: My World Is Upside Down, The Pandoras: Melvin, The Tories: Shout

Side 2: Hidden Peace: Summer Of Love, The Eyes Of Mind: Drama Drama, The Things: Trip To My House, The Young Lords: Tearing Up My Heart, SS 20: No Matter What, Lee Joseph: Going Out Of My Mind, Electric Peace: I Think I'll Die

There are a lot of 80s and 90s garage rock comps out there, usually formatting themselves in a manner similar comps of reissue material like Nuggets or Back from the Grave, and I’m a sucker for most of them. The Battle of the Garages series is one of the best. The appeal starts with the artwork, which is always gorgeous psychedelic cartoon type stuff. Like Back from the Grave, they managed to keep this jacket art style consistent over several volumes. That’s always a sign of excellent curation!

I find it curious that the subtitle of this volume is “Paisley Underground” which is a term I’ve come to associate more with 60s influenced Southern California bands that still had a very 80s radio friendly sound, like the Bangles or the Dream Syndicate. The bands I recognize here definitely fit the southern california and 60s influenced points, but are definitely not what I would call radio friendly… Too retro and/or punk in sound to be picked up by your average 80s DJ. I think maybe it was a way to have this volume of “Battle” stand out from the previous two which had a more more psychedelic bent as opposed to these songs which are much more straight forward rock/pop.

The Pandoras “Melvin” and Grave digger V “Spooky” are the stand out songs on this disc.

The Flamin’ Groovies: Fantastic Plastic Sonic Kicks Records SEVERN LP 4069 Vinyl Condition: Near Mint (NM): Glossy black vinyl with no noticeable defects Jacket Condition: Very Good+ (VG+): Light wear at edges Bought For: Keepers

Side 1: What The Hell's Goin' On, End Of The World, Don't Talk To Strangers, Let Me Rock, She Loves Me, I Want You Bad

Side 2: Crazy Macy, Lonely Hearts, Just Like A Hurricane, Fallen Star, I'd Rather Spend My Time With You, Cryin' Shame

Things I didn’t know chapter 1: The Flamin’ Groovies put out a new record in 2017. I’m not sure how that slipped by me! Maybe it got buried in all of the roughly contemporary love for the Sonics with their reunion and tours and new records. That’s not to diminish the Sonics, but man… The Groovies are just as deserving of love and now I feel bad.

Funny story, I picked this up record up and Ben and I both mused over who did the cartoon art on the cover.. It was an obvious Jack Davis riff, but also obviously not Davis. That conversation led to me relating that Cyril Jordan was a cartoonist, which always gets a “wow really?” from combo cartoon-and-cult-rocker fans. I should have put two and two together at the time, but it wasn’t until I got home and looked at some very tiny print on the back of the jacket that it all came together. The jacket was illustrated by Jordan with a written nod to Davis. DUH!

Saaaaaaaaay… I wonder if Cyril Jordan would do a Nix cover?

Shangri-La: A Tribte to the Kinks

Imaginary Records: Illusion 003 Vinyl Condition: Very Good (VG): Glossy black vinyl with some noticeable but light scuffs/scratches. Causes a lot of pops. Jacket Condition: Very Good (VG) Light to medium general wear and discoloration: Ring wear Bought For: Resale

Side 1: Turn To Flowers: Village Green Preservation Society, The Chesterfield Kings: Live Life, The Thanes: You Shouldn't Be Sad, The Fleshtones: Too Much On My Mind, The Cardiacs: Suzannah's Still Alive, The Mock Turtles: Big Sky

Side 2: Wolfhounds: I'm Not Like Everybody Else, The Droogs: She's Got Everything, The Crocodile Shop: I Need You: The Thunderbyrds, This Strange Effect, The Cateran: Tired Of Waiting, Patch-Up Boys: Big Black Smoke, The Reegs: See My Friends, Cud: Lola

Another record that I just can’t resist buying if the price is right. One of my favorite tribute albums because it avoids the pitfall of having a bunch of bands doing straightforward covers. Pretty much every band does a little something with their cover song to put their own stamp on it. That’s what a tribute should be!

Wreckless Eric: Le Beat Group Électrique New Rose Records ROSE 179 Vinyl Condition: Very Good+ (VG+) Glossy black vinyl, plays with some light crackle and pop Jacket Condition: Very Good+ (VG+) Light ear at edges Bought For: Resale Side 1: Tell Me I'm The Only One, Wishing My Life Away, Depression, It's A Sick Sick World, Just For You, Sarah

Side 2: The Sun Is Pouring Down, I'm Not Going To Cry, You Sweet Big Thing, Fuck By Fuck, Parallel Beds, True Happiness

My copy of this record is one of the Fire Records reissues that came out about five years ago and I picked it up directly from Eric at the show he played at Spoonful Records. (Everyone remember that one? Where the AC was out and we all sweated out like bad gamblers at a mafia card game?) The reissued version is remastered, has better front jacket design and a terrific set of added liner notes… So I’m not terribly tempted to swap this older version out for my newer one, which is my habit with reissue material. And I can’t keep both, because I have too many records… So you should buy this from me because its pretty great.

Wreckless Eric: At the Shop! New Rose Records: ROSE 207 Vinyl Condition: Very Good+ (VG+) Glossy black vinyl, plays with some light crackle and pop Jacket Condition: Very Good+ (VG+) Light ear at edges Bought For: Keepers

Things I didn’t know chapter 2: There was a Wreckless Eric 12” record that I didn’t own. I knew that there are 7” singles and CD singles,, but this record was a surprise to me when I saw it in the bins! I think this is one instance where using discogs for pricing might’ve resulted in the store leaving some money on the table… I would’ve paid double the sticker!

This 6 song EP was mostly recorded at two live performances at the New Rose mini-store in Paris and has been slapped on wax with a minimum of production-fuss. It’s definitely got a rough-edged “Made live in an awkward situation” feel to it, which I personally like a lot. Super glad I found it!

Thanks for reading all of the way to the bottom! I'm not sure when my next issue of Tales from the Crate will come out, but I will soon have a sister publication, "How to Collect Comics The Nix Way" out by the end of November. It will be similiar, but completely different! Watch for news on that release one facebook, twitter, insta or sign up for my email list.

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