HOLY SNOT! It's A Nix Comics Update! 02-02-21

New year, new things I think I want to do. Like revive my old Nix Comics Quarterly "Holy Snot!" column as a monthly update blog post and clean up my diet (because I'm turning 50 and my back hurts a lot and have a family history of diabetes).

Moderate success on the latter: I haven't had any cakes, cookies, ice cream, or soda since New Year's Eve. Been eating a lot of fruit and veg. I think I only ate red meat once, but I wasn't really tracking that. I do eat a small square of dark chocolate every night for the good brain chemicals and did break down and buy a bag of potato chips and some Helluva Good brand dip a couple days ago. All in all the healthiest I've eaten for a whole month since Covid started and I feel... pretty much the same but let's ignore that. Actual success on the first monthly blog update! Here is January on only February 2nd!

Planning the Nix Comics Plans: I've been steadily working on getting the work I did in 2020 collected into some books and zines for publication early this year. Right now I have that broken down into four bits that I'll probably fund with Kickstarter in February or March:

  1. Out of Time 1A, a collection of some stories and ideas I wrote/had last year (Some fantasy stuff with ogres and goblins, a couple of chapters from "On tour With Roy lee Hood" and my memoir about my first record store, and a shaky business plan I came up with for a combo garage rock and comics festival called RATCAF.) Out of Time 1B, a collection of sketchbook drawings from last year (Including the eyes closed stuff that a lot of people seem to like.)

  2. ICARP 2020, a collection of my essays and research on the comic arts community and nonprofits. This will probably be free digitally and charge for a hardcopy book. I'm fancy like that.

  3. Abstracts in Isolation, A short run of prints of the digital abstract paintings I made every day early in isolation with some transparency grid overlays to enhance your viewing pleasure.

I think I'm going to try something new for promoting the pending kickstarter. I want to pay some folks with decent sized facebook and twitter followings to run some posts for me. (I know, some people will do it for free, but I'll want specific things said at specific times. That means paying folks). The deal will be to get a couple of people who are on the comics side of my community and a couple from the music side and see if I can branch out a little that way. It would sure beat paying for "sponsored posts" on social media.

Money (WHY does It ALWAYS Comes Down To Money?): It was an OK month in terms of sales for January, especially given that I didn't run any Ebay auctions or put much effort into bringing folks to the site. It was the start of a new semester at school and I was feeling the crunch of trying to get a grip on classes, get some stuff ready for publication, and sell stuff. Something had to give, and though I'm going to really need some income soon, the hustle seemed like the best thing to put aside. Nonetheless, I did have just some random sales on the website.

I did have a couple of big bills come due: Charity funds promised to Fieldmouse Press from my December Ebay auctions and I had to pay enough on my past due Kiva loan to keep from defaulting. I also noticed that my website hosting fees have crept up again: Making it important to wither wrap up the mail order business aspect of it or put more effort into it. I was leaning towards the former, but the random sales this month make me feel like I need to hang on.... it would not have been hard to end up on the plus side of things.

Blame it on the meme I saw going around at the end of 2020 asking how many "albums" I had listened to over the course of the year. I had no idea how to respond... and not just because I have trouble with how people have conflated "album" with "record." (I mean come on. Are we really going to hold on to that usually bullshit designation in the streaming era? Not me. Gonna give love to all of my comps, singles, greatest hits collections, EPs and all of the other random dated designations.) Anyways, I listen to records most days, but I have no idea how many. Fewer than I'd like to a lot of days. Well 2021 meme writers... Imma gonna be ready for you this December. I'm keeping a running tally.

88 individual records so far! (Average 2.84 per day!)

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